Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I don't have anything new to add to the blog today, but I felt like getting some things down just to get them off my chest. Can't go into a lot of details either, so just bare with me. Had another interview yesterday and I think it went okay. I mean I hope it went great, but whose to say. I was so excited for the interview that I was literally bouncing around the house all weekend in anticipation. That was the worst thing that could have happened. Because unless I was handed a job right on the spot, which would have seemed super surreal the let down factor was huge. I literally came home after the interview and moped for about 3 hours because I had built so much energy into the pre, that the post was like coming off a high. So thinking positive thoughts today and seeing what I can do to still land this job, and if not, looking for the next interview. I WILL be successful in this City, in my dreams, and in my aspirations and on my terms. I just need reality to catch up.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

San Diego Comic Con 2009

Had a blast at Comic Con this year. Went with the roommates Matt and Cindy and took my 16 year old cousin Matt for his first comic con ever. We had a ton of fun. Took a lot of pictures. Our day started at Perry's Cafe in Old Town for breakfast. We then hopped on the trolley and felt like tourists in our own city. Very novel. Toured the show floor for about two hours and then headed upstairs for hours and hours of panels. Great way to save money, kill time, sit, enjoy A/C, and see a lot of cool stuff. We walked in on the Spartacus panel which is a new show on Starz starting in January. Lucy Lawless was there. Very cool. Stayed for the Marvel Cup O Joe Panel. Very cool to see Marvel's EIC and some of the writers and operators and have them answer questions about why comic book prices have risen. No real announcements from that panel. Only negative thing is that 3 times I saw Joe Q and yelled out praise or hello or encouragement from like 3 feet away and not once did he acknowledge my presence. Ouch. Thanks Joe.

We left that hall but came back in for the Eureka panel, which had some really great actors having a good time hamming it up at comic con. And we saw the announcement that they are being picked up for 22 more episodes and a 4th season and the genuine reaction of the actors. That was cool. Stayed for the Marvel Animation Panel and saw the new animation for The Black Panther, Wolverine Anime, Iron Man Anime, Planet Hulk, Iron Man Adventures, Wolverine and the X-Men, Thor Tales of Asgard and more. That panel was just jam packed with announcements and great writers and people. Even Warren Ellis and Madhouse animation studios made an appearance. Last was the DC Animation Panel, and while I was geeked out for Green Lantern First Flight, Superman/Batman, Bruce Timm, Andrea Romano, Clancy Brown, Kevin Conroy, and Juliet Landau, I was underwhelmed by the announcements compared to the Marvel panel. Just one of those years I guess. Then we went home. Long, fun day.

You can see photos at the bottom of the page. Enjoy.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Comic Con and Thank You!

Tomorrow kicks off Comic-Con in San Diego. I cannot wait. I think I am going on Friday. Which should be fun. Friday and Saturday are always monster days as far as panels go, and I just heard there is an Adult Swim party at 4th and B Friday night. I may just go if only to meet the creators of the Venture Bros.

Back on the job front I got GREAT news this morning. An old friend of mine called me out of nowhere to tell me about a job opening that she thinks I would be great for. I was so thrilled I could shot milk out of my nose. Of course I have not had milk in over two weeks so that would be impossible. But the sheer thought of someone else thinking of me just made me feel like a good person. So I sent my resume over and am following up with a phone call as soon as I get the job's phone number. There is already a good word put in, and sometimes that is all you need in business and in life. So even if nothing comes of this, the fact that someone thought of me, called me, and said nice things about me for a great job has got me giddy and sitting on Cloud 9 of positivity today. Smiles. OH! And I am hosting Musicpalooza Singers (winners) at Anthology tonight. Should be a great show. :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Idle Hands

So I am on the job hunt still, and things seem to be going okay. I actually am a whole lot more confident in myself then I have been the last 10 years. Working with people who support you and make you feel good about yourself will do that for you. Had another great job interview today and it appears the job is mine for the taking. The question is "Is this something I want to be doing?" and "Will I do well at it?" In fact my interviewer asked those exact questions, and honestly I don't really have a handle on the answers. The good news is that I have some other leads lined up and am taking some advice from my friend Brittany about how to submit for a job. Got some things lined up for tomorrow, a checklist if you will and having a list of things to do always helps me accomplish those things better.

Hosting the Musicpalooza Singers tomorrow night at Anthology SD, the winners from my big SD Fair contest will be performing. Can't wait. It's a chance to see these guys outside of being the contest coordinator and I can actually enjoy myself like a fan. Plus have a few beers and celebrate a satisfactory culmination of 7+ months hard work. Got a lead on some Comic-Con tickets for later this week, so I at least will be going one of the four days. And my roommate gave me a card for a Doctor that prescribes Medical Marijuana. Not sure if I am more thinking about it to get marijuana because I want it, or because I want to have something cool. I'm weird.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Today I finally am getting my act together and cleaning my room. I thought I had kept my room pretty clean up until a few months ago when I got busy with work and school, but it turns out I was mistaken. Not sadly mistaken, just mistaken. I found a shirt in my pile of laundry, clean and dirty, that I thought I had worn semi-recently but it turns out that I have not worn it since October 10 of last year. The reason I know this is that there was a ticket stub for America's Best Dance Crew at the Sports Arena in the shirt pocket. Oi.

So I find myself this morning, now afternoon, cleaning my room and watching Venture Bros Season 3 on DVD and listening to the directors/writers commentaries. Love this show. But a weekday cleaning my room and watching DVD's is completely counter productive to looking for a job and keeping my life afloat. But who wants to be productive? Oh and I am writing this to avoid doing homework now. Hey and Harry Potter is in theaters at midnight. I COULD stay up late and see it, or I could just sneak out to the first showing on Wednesday morning. :p

Friday, July 10, 2009

Total Let Down

So a week ago Tim Pyles and I crowned the winners in the Musicpalooza contest at the San Diego County Fair. We had so little time to announce the winners that literally we were announcing 3rd, 2nd, 1st and then pushing everyone off the stage for the next announcement. We gave away $64,000 in just under 5 minutes. When I had the results in my hands, and had to walk them on stage I almost vomited right then and there. All the work, blood, sweat and tears of 7 months came down to one announcement. That's heavy stuff man. A week later I am completely out of a job for the first time in 10 years. Anything I do today is a total let down in comparison to last Friday. Unless by some miracle I have a job interview later. That would rule.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Been awhile

Okay so it has been more then a little while. Last time I blogged on here was May 22. That was well over a month ago. Here we are July 8th, and I am back. Spent the last month straight working at the San Diego County Fair and wrapping up another semester of school. You now find me about to start school again and looking for work. Such is life the last two years. I never seem to be in one place for more then 6 months at a time. That being said, I have decided that the Top 5 Blog is going to be changing a little bit. No big surprise there. The name is going to stay the same, but if I feel like blogging, but don't have a Top 5 in mind, this will be my home for that as well. Enjoy.