Saturday, August 22, 2009

Yo Jill! or How Gi Joe taught me that girls kick ass too

So I recently picked up GI Joe Season 1 Part 1 from SHOUT. Now I had the last DVD release for this a few years ago from RHINO, but I needed money and sold it to DVD store years ago. Sorry, sometimes you make hard choices and have to live with them. Anyways, I watched the first 3 GI Joe "movies" on the DVD and thought to myself how much the females in the GI Joe Universe kick some tremendous ass. I then watched the new GI Joe Rise of Cobra movie and had the same impression. And unlike a Jim Butcher Harry Dresden novel where the females kick ass and then show moments of uncharacteristic weakness by crying, the women of GI Joe cartoons kick butt while exuding feminine instincts. I guess maybe GI Joe had more of a positive affect on my childhood then just being something cool. I came to respect girls a little more out of as well. Even if it was subconscious. Take Scarlett for instance. In the first GI Joe cartoons she is shown as a tough as nails fighter, while at the same time able to trade barbs and one up the boys. Baroness is a skilled fighter and master of disguise who uses those abilities to constantly one up the Joes and find cracks in their armor. Lady Jaye is also a master of disguise, but also able to take on multiple opponents at once, flies a jet, and still manages to be feminine and attract the attention of Flint while laughing with the boys. There are other characters that are female and tough and feminine in the GI Joe Universe, but on that first DVD those three ladies each shown through at a different time. And never once do they come across as helpless when being up against the enemy. And I know that it is a TV show for kids from the 80's, but at least no gets raped to show how ruthless and evil one of the bad guys really were.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Keith Olbermann, great job sir

A calling to the carpet of Republican and Democrat congressmen and women who are working for the Health Insurance companies and railroading the Health Care reforms on the house floor.