Saturday, October 24, 2009

Blog a Day is coming

Been kicking around this idea for a couple of weeks now. Coming November 1st I will be doing a blog a day. Some will be long commentary on things on my mind, most will be just short thoughts kicking around my head or me sharing something I liked that day. So get ready, ITS COMING!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Why do I know who Levi Johnston is?

Have you seen this commercial? The one where Levi Johnston, you know they kid that knocked up Sarah Palin's daughter and was dragged around on the Vice Presidential nominee's tour last Fall before the elections; is walking towards the camera with a bodyguard wearing an Alaska t-shirt and eating pistachios. Why is that some kid in Alaska can not wear protection and accidentally knock up his girlfriend and then become the national commercial face for nuts? Because politics has become a joke for both sides of the aisle Democrats and Republicans, but the Republicans have been seen as having more nuts, crazies, and kooks lately. Can a serious Republican stand up for Sarah Palin and her policies? Or is she just another part of the political side show, and this commercial is further proof of that?

Monday, October 5, 2009

Entourage Season Finale

Wow it has been a whole month since I blogged last. Kind of one of those cases that I had SO much time on my hands, I did not want to put stuff down on "paper". Still jobless, kind of a fact of life for the last 2.5 years. Even when I am working I feel like I am one step away from being out of work. Scary time to live in in America. But I still have "Hope".

Anyways, the Entourage Season Finale. It was AWESOME. Extremely satisfying, and again I cannot wait until next year for another season. Bittersweet as well because it makes you think there may not be a next season at some point, and these characters will go on living their lives without us someday. Sorry, I have been in a very reflective mood the last few days. Got really high out of my mind the other night on some pain medication and still trying to shake off the melancholy. Jeremy Piven, whose character in PCU helped shape my personality in my late teens continues to shine as Ari Gold. His speech to his therapist and wife about revenge was amazing. Give that guy the Emmy next year. And as for guest stars this episode had a manic Matt Damon as a bully/fund-raiser, Lebron James, and even Bono. BONO! Of the four main leads Johnny Chase is usually my least favorite character, but he had a great career moment in this episode and it was really nice to see. As for the four main leads, this season has shown our boys growing up and apart a little, but still remaining loyal as friends. When it came time for the season to end as it usually does with Vince starting a new movie shoot, I 100% expected the boys to all be separate and it not be a big deal. It felt like the writers made a conscious effort to show the boys drifting apart and Vince being on his own, if only to have Drama and Turtle eventually join him. E getting engaged to Sloan felt forced, but it was nice. I was really hoping that E and his hot red head assistant would end up together, maybe even next year. But I would HATE to see him mess it up with Sloan this time around. Although I would like to see more of Kate Mara. Can't win them all. As I find myself with a lot of time to reflect upon lately, the last few days have made me realize that many of the things that I have loved for years, and even up to a few months ago, I know longer care about. The reason? I'm getting older. My tastes are changing and just like me, this show has shown tremendous growth this year. I hear many of the fans did like this season, but I loved it.