Friday, February 27, 2009

Top 5 Crews on America's Best Dance Crew

So I am loving what is going down on ABDC in Season 3. As I write this, SPOILERS, Quest Crew and Beat Freaks are the last two crews and will be battling it out next week in the finale. Sadly I read online that MTV might not be picking up ABDC for a 4th season. High ratings, but it might be too expensive to produce anymore. I thought I would celebrate the show's first 3 seasons in the last year with a Top 5 Crews list.

#5 - First up is Kaba Modern. I got love for the kids in Kaba Modern because they are from Southern California, and originated at the University of California Irvine. Which my cousin happens to attend right now, and I went to cheer camp there in 1994. Wow, time flies. Great crew representing Filipino culture in a big way.

#4 - Beat Freaks. I love these girls. I think that on Season 3 they came a long way being themselves and rocking the challenges. The floating ball trick was real magic but I feel like the girls have stayed the same while Quest Crew took it to another level this last week.

#3 - Super Cr3w. These guys were AWESOME in Season 2. Season 2 Champions and I am a huge fan. But what have you done for me lately? For more on these guys, check out the DVD Planet B-Boy where the early version of Super Cr3w represented America in Battle of the Year.

#2 - Quest Crew. These guys are amazing. On Season 3 it has only been Quest Crew and Beat Freaks since the second week, but when it counted QC stepped up their game and they are my personal pick to win Season 3. That flip push they did to close out their performance on the Thursday 2/26/09 show was ridiculous.

#1 - Jabbawockeez. The original America's Best Dance Crew. Out of my town of San Diego, and blowing up huge everywhere. Turn on the tv and you will see Jabba in Gatorade commercials or hanging out with Shaq at the NBA All-Star game. Funny how all of my favorites are West Coast crews.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Top 5 Comic Book Covers 2-25-09

There’s no real rhyme or reason to this Top 5 other then I wanted to have one. Found the weekly comic book covers out there and thought I would create a Top 5. Lots of great books coming out this week, and this is just a sample of the cool art work out there.

#5 Green Lantern #38 – More because it’s colorful then for the art work itself. And because of all the stuff going on in this book. Going to see Red Lanterns, Green Lanterns, Orange, Yellow, and Blue at the very least. Awesome.
#4 Justice Society #24 – Great cover as usual from the gang over at JSA, but also because we are going to see Atom Smasher and Black Adam throw down in this book, and the cover is so old school.
#3 Star Wars Legacy #33 – I love this book and it’s got some of the best Star Wars action outside of the Clone Wars cartoon. The cover teases more of the underwater fights we saw last issue, and I am looking forward to more space opera!

#2 Captain America #47 – Is it really only on 47, and how quick have we made it to 47? Yeesh. Bucky continues his growing pains as Cap and this cover looks very much like “Remember, Remember the 5th of November….” Know what I mean?

#1 Nova #22 – I don’t even care what goes on in this issue. That cover is just recruitment posted fun at it’s finest.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Top 5 Ways to Save Money in this Recession

These are in no particular order

#5 - Buy TV Shows with full seasons and watch those night after night. Some good ones to try: LOST (5 Seasons on DVD), Entourage (4 Seasons on DVD), The Office UK (2 Seasons on DVD), The Office America (4 Seasons on DVD), and many more.

#4 - Skip buying DVD's and download them illegally! Um this blog does not advocate nor encourage you to break the law, just pointing out that option. ;)
Of course you could always just stream shows live over their websites or on

#3 - Read a book. Read many books. Books are relatively inexpensive and you can always share them with friends or borrow your friends books.

#2 - Have a game night instead of going out to the clubs.

#1 - Walk to a local bar that is having a drink special night instead of taking a cab somewhere further away. You save money on not cabbing, you get some mild exercise, and you save money by picking the right night to go!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Top 5 Deaths on LOST

So last night while watching the LOST repeat from 2/11/09 I realized that the show has had some really memorable deaths. In the episode "This Place is Death" the trips through time finally catch up to Charlotte and we learn that she was not only born on the island but that Daniel was around during her youth and warned her to never come back for fear of death. Guess that came true huh? So without further ado here is my list for the Top 5 deaths on LOST. These all made some sort of impact on the story. Although when making the list I found that over 23 people had been killed in some sort of memorable fashion.

#5 Gary Troup aka "Guy sucked into the Engine" - Blink and you missed it. This poor guy who wrote the novel "Bad Twin" and was dating one of the flight attendents is sucked into the still running engine turbine on the first episode of LOST. It set the stage for an awesome show and really upped the ante on the danger factor.

#4 Seth Norris aka The Pilot - Poor Matt Grunberg. Guest stars as the pilot of the ill fated Oceanic Flight 815 that was supposed to be flown by Frank Lupidus. Seth is sucked out of the cockpit by the Island Black Fog Monster. Setting the stage for the islands security system and killing yet another one of the cast early on.

#3 Mr. Arzt - Poor poor school teacher Mr. Arzt. We barely knew you. But what a memorable impression you made. Mr. Arzt was the one who helped the Losties get dynamite off the Black Rock, the crashed pirate ship in the middle of the jungle. He explained many times just how volatile the dripping dynamite was, only to explode in a fiery death, proving just how dangerous that stuff was.

#2 Ana-Lucia and Libby - Oh! We get a two-fer. Ana-Lucia and Libby, survivors of the tail section. They survive being infiltrated and chased by the others only to be shot in cold blood by Michael. Michael takes his turn as a "heel" in his desperate attempt to find and save his son. He shoots Ana and Libby while they are guarding Ben Linus in the Hatch. It was one of those moments in the show that you just said "What the fuck?!"

#1 Charlie Pace - Sweet sweet Charlie Pace. You kicked your addiction to heroin, became someone that could be trusted and loved, and then died. As great shows do, LOST shows us that no one is safe and anyone one of our heros may die. Well Charlie goes out in style, saving Desmond, getting word out the Penny, and warning Desmond that the freighter is not Penny's boat. Which of course sets up that Kearny and his mercenaries in the next season as hired goons sent by Charles Widmore, but Charlie's drowning was a redeeming and touching scene that almost brings this viewer to tears every time I see it. One of the highlights of this amazing show.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Top 5 Idols from Season 8 Group One

Okay so last night we saw the first 12 of the Final 36 or Group One perform. Here is my Top 5 from last night. Let's see how America voted tonight.

#5 Anoop Desai. Anoop "Dog" was okay. The judges said he reminded them of a Brian McKnight. I like Anoop, but I'm not sure his performance was strong enough to resonate over some of the other performers from last night.

#4 Anne-Marie Boskovich. She did okay. She sang Aretha Franklin - Natural Woman, but it felt like I was at the Karaoke Bar on a Friday night and the hot secretary at my work got up in her work clothes after a few Mai Tais and belted this bitch out. It was nice, but not Idol worthy. Still she is smoking hot and her smile is amazing.

#3 Alexis Grace. I did not remember who this was until they showed her transformation from auditions to now. Again I did not really like her performance but compared to some of the trainwrecks these poor kids committed last night, she did an okay job. Alexis sang Aretha Franklin - Never Loved a Woman. Aretha got more love last night than that ribbon she wore at Obama's Inaugaration. #2 and #1 won me over on pure performance alone.

#2 Tatianna Del Toro. I really do not like drama queens. Which Tatianna is. With her hamming it up for camera time, scary smile and laugh, twisted two face personality, and over obsessive desire to be loved. Her narcissism is choking to watch. But last night Tatianna was Single White Female scary in her awesome delivery of Whitney Houston - Saving All My Love For You. I'll tell you what, this girl ALWAYS knows where the camera is.

#1 Danny Gokey. And finally the inspiration of the night, Danny lost his wife less then a year ago and we have seen him on his journey with his best friend Jamer since auditions. Danny is VERY likeable and showed last night that he has got the talent and the brass to move on. It was sad seeing nice kids just blow it last night, but I think that Danny might earn the #1 spot for boys from this group of kids. We shall see the results tonight.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Top 5 Reasons 2009 is better then far

#5 - At this time last year I was working full time at ProFlowers during the Valentines Day rush....only to be laid off two days from now. On my birthday. Awesome.

#4 - I am working at the Fairgrounds NOW, instead of at the end of March like in 2008.

#3 - I seem to be a hit with multiple ladies right now. Even just a little attention is always a good thing.

#2 - I am turning 31 on Thursday and not 30. Turning 30 and feeling like I have failed to accomplish things I wanted was SO depressing last year.

#1 - I am a year closer to earning my Bachelors in Advertising. How sweet it is.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Top 5 Reasons that Shopping Online is Ideal

This morning I was heading to work and found that my ear buds for my iPod had lost an ear piece in my car. In other words I needed new headphones. So I knew that after work I would be headed to Best Buy and thus knowing this started to pre-shop in my mind all the things I wanted or just wanted to buy because I currently can. So with my birthday just days away and having no idea what my loved ones may or may not be getting for me, I was thinking outside my normal "wants" and looking for things I don't normally tell people I want. But what I also found was that I could NOT find the things I actually wanted. Which leads me to this. My list of the Top 5 Reasons that Shopping Online is Ideal.

5. The price of gas and the price of mail delivery are pretty close.

4. I can ALWAYS find what I am looking for. When was the last time you looked for something online and it was sold out?

3. You can shop in your boxer shorts....kinda like the way I am writing this. natch.

2. The prices online are typically way cheaper then what you will find in stores, couple that with low shipping prices makes it very nice.

1. On websites like Amazon you can create wishlists that allow you to shop now, and buy later. I like that.

Friday, February 13, 2009

5 Reasons I want an Amazon Kindle (2)

So over a year ago Amazon debuted the Kindle, an ereader that can be used to read books, newspapers and magazines, download them, and other cool stuff. While I thought this was cool I did not really think it was worth the high cost of the original. Also knowing that when something is extremely popular like the iPhone, the Kindle, etc that there will always be upgrades and lowers prices down the road. So I like to wait. But now with the announcement of the Kindle 2 I thought I would chime in with the 5 reasons I would want an Amazon Kindle. p.s. my Birthday is next week.

5. All the Harry Potter Books in one place!

although I love the artwork of the books and would still want those for keepsakes.

4. All the Forgotten Realms, Dragonlance, Dark Sun, Souljammer, Battletech, Star Wars and more novels that I grew up with and love but have packed away in some box somewhere.

3. Reading magazines and newspapers
Let's be real. Newspaper ink is disgusting after you have not read a paper for awhile. And having the paper on an e-reader still means you have to pay for it.

2. Always having the ability to read something on the toilet.
I'm not fronting, I get some good reading done in the bathroom.

1. Comics on demand!
It's not a reality yet, but many in the comics industry are accepting the fact that comic shops are not the only distribution out there, and so many people are downloading comics illegally each week it is creating it's own business. So once they fucking figure it out, it's only a matter of time before you can read comics on the Kindle.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Top 5 Things I would like to see go away

Okay so my first post on this new blog starts off with a little negative slant to it. These are the Top 5 stories I would like to see go away as soon as possible.

5. Michael Phelps caught smoking weed
Who cares? I found a few years ago that my parents still smoke weed and that shit blew my mind. But my roommates and friends all do it, and they are functioning adults in society. It's such a mainstream thing these days that I think this story needs to just stop.

4. Valentines Day
I don't hate Valentines Day. I don't love it either. I just want this fabricated holiday to go away. I feel like it's such a cash grab for retailers. Although buying flowers for a girl without a Valentine and seeing her face light up is a reward worth paying for.

3. Annoying American Idol contestants
I have to admit. In all my time working in Top 40 radio for years I never got sucked into this vapid soulless show. And then last year some girlfriends of mine had some viewing parties for a few weeks and I was hooked. Watching this year I find myself rooting for San Diegan Arianna Afsar who performed in the SD Fair Superstar contest that I ran last year. But I have been seeing less and less of this adorable talent and more of the top most annoying people to ever grace television. Nathanial Marshall who is an emo bitch douchebag and Tatiana Del Toro who is this side of talented enough to be tolerated by the AI judges. Vote that bitch off already!

2. Birthday's blown out of porportion
My 30th birthday was a sad and depressing affair and I would like to soon forget it. But I am sick and tired of people rallying up to celebrate this birthday or that and no one puts shit together for me. My problem is that most people look to me as a leader/planner and want to know what I want to do. You know what I want? Get drunk. Get laid. Watch cartoons. That's really it.

1. People losing jobs
I have been living with a poor job economy for the last 2 plus years so I can only imagine what it must be like right now for people out of work. I am working three jobs and want something new, but where would I go? Anyways I cannot wait for the economy to recover and people to start working again.