Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What's Your Fantasy?

Mine's Football. No I don't fantasize about playing football or being a football player or even some homoerotic dream of being with a football player (shiver). I love Fantasy Football. For years I have been playing Fantasy Football and what was originally mocked for being silly has become a multi million dollar industry that almost everyone plays. I mean everyone knows someone who plays fantasy football, men and women. While their reasons for playing may differ, the joy of playing is still there. Here are my Top 5 Reasons for playing Fantasy Football.

#5 - Every game means something.

Used to be you may love watching football but many just watched their home team or the marquee matchups. With fantasy football every game now has meaning. That Thursday night game with Detroit playing Cleveland? I got a running back in that game and I need the points. All of a sudden that game means something to me.

#4 - Women play too.

As I mentioned above, fantasy football has this unique ability to bring men and women together in liking football. How many guys have lost to a girl in their fantasy leagues? Yeah I thought so. Me too.

#3 - It's more fun.

It's great watching a game now and even though it's your team playing, one of your fantasy players is on the other team. You route for the player but not the team because you want to pad your stats. It's a catch 22 and it makes it a lot of fun.

#2 - It's Free.

While many leagues can be played with an entry fee and have year to year leagues where you keep your players, most are free. As in zero cost to get more enjoyment out of something you already love.

#1 - The players are aware of the game too.

I have seen multiple players in interviews, sound bites, etc. talk about their awareness of FB and their stats. One player last year went down early before the goal line to run out the time on the clock and preserve a win. After the game he mockingly apologized to the fantasy football owners out there who he cost a touchdown. The self awareness is awesome and sometimes really funny.

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